A survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab has revealed 65% of cybersecurity service providers globally believe the Internet of Things is raising cybersecurity risks. A little over 50% believe that in the next 12 months the top priority for organizations needs to be the management of connected devices and boosting operational technology and industrial control systems security. Some 54% of the organizations surveyed qualify the new risks associated with connectivity and IoT device integration represent a major cybersecurity challenge requiring new security measures. The numbers are a bit worrying. With the rise of the Internet of Things that will see a lot more devices connected and vulnerable to various types of attacks it is in fact surprising that the number of professionals seeing a major threat in this development is as low as 65%. On the plus side, Kaspersky Lab reported that they are witnessing a growing number of businesses that are working on their cybersecurity policies to make them more adequate to the emerging threats, and to protect their industrial control systems better. https://www.securitymagazine.com/articles/89177-percent-of-organizations-believe-iot-increases-ot-security-risks