Endpoint security is evolving in response to the evolution of cyberattacks, SC Labs’ latest test has shown. A growing number of endpoint security solutions are being moved to the cloud to benefit from the opportunities it offers, such as sharing information quickly among all end users. This could be crucial for the early detection of an attack and the adequate response to it. But detection is just the start. There is also the issue of response and SC Labs reports that almost all the endpoint protection solutions it tested had an endpoint detection and response capability. These help understand how the attack happened, what actually happened after the attack, and where the malware went. Then there is the remediation aspect of the solutions: it got it, it did something, and now we have to get rid of it. SC Labs reported it only found remediation tools in some solutions, which is not great news as endpoints will probably only multiply and the standard response—killing processes or deleting files—will become a challenged when you have thousands of endpoints to deal with. https://www.scmagazine.com/july-2018-group-test-endpoint-security/article/774970/