Black Hat 2018, industry’s premier event, has successfully concluded last week in Las Vegas.   It is my first time to attend this event as a press, and I was impressed with a few carefully crafted briefing sessions, as well as the latest threat preventions solutions presented.

“Together we can figure this out” said Jeff Moss, the founder of Black Hat, in the face of the increasing complexity of the cyber landscape.  The event is a largest ever, as indicated by the organizer, the attendees are from 120 different countries.  Once again, the event brings in a new generation of cyber talents and solutions.  Also mentioned, “how to settle a bad situation and get your customers data back” will be on an going subject to address.  It gets complicated when business model smack into political model, addressed by Mr. Jeff Moss.

Mrs Parisa Tabriz, Director of Engineering at Google, gave a keynote address of “Optimistic Dissatisfaction with the Status Quo – the Steps We Must Take to Improve Security in Complex Landscapes”.  She sent out a message that to safeguard a secured cyber world: We all hold the responsibility.  The World Wide Web belongs to the world, it is not a one company’s (google) mission, but all to keep our shared cyberspace safe and secure.  She offers a practical guideline for steps to take: first, to find a root cause; second, ask why, and why did I detect this earlier; third is to set a course for a milestone journey.  It is up to us, to change the establishment and to protect.   Dressed in elegant white dress, with a half dyed reddish pink colored hair, she radiates a positive energy to the thousands of audiences in the auditorium.

In addition to the 100 + briefing sessions, I’ve also found many excitements at the exhibit hall, with cyber solution companies, large and small, actively engaging with their potential clients by holding onsite product demo sessions.