Two trends, two buzzwords: can they come together for mutual benefit? According to Forbes author Andrew Rossow, they can. There are a couple of important issues in the cybersecurity field that blockchain technology could help solve and there are companies already doing it. But what are the problems?

First of all, there are simply too many cybersecurity products to choose from and not all of them are up to scratch, unfortunately. This is more than unfortunate in fact: every new patch, every new cybersecurity product, motivates cybercriminals to find new vulnerabilities and seek ways to attack them. It’s really difficult to stay ahead.

And it’s really difficult to compete for the customer’s attention precisely because of this abundance. But it’s no easier for the customer to pick a product that will suit their needs best. It takes time to study all relevant products and solutions to find the one that deserves your attention and money. This, for its part, needs knowledge about the problems your business is most vulnerable to in the cybersecurity field.

Meanwhile, it’s the same in cryptocurrencies, Rossow notes. There are way too many cryptos right now and most of them are useless junk that only confuses potential investors. However, blockchain technology can help clean the junk by serving as a tool in identifying both the winners both in cybersecurity and in digital currencies.

What’s being done here? One company out of South Korea, for example, is using AI to set up a platform that combines enterprise-level security tools with tools for digital currency protection. Cloudbric also uses its insight into data mining to enhance its security product. And there are bound to be more companies like this, utilizing the advantages of blockchain technology in the sphere of cybersecurity.

Still, in the end of the day, you have to simply do your research before you commit to a cybersecurity solution. This means identifying the particular vulnerabilities and potential problems for your enterprise and then researching the companies that offer products in this particular segment. Not all are made equal, after all. There are many flooding the market and just making noise but lacking substance. Those that are worth buying their products will stand out after serious research.