Cybersecurity has become a veritable buzzword recently amid multiplying cyberattacks and a growing amount of vulnerabilities in an increasingly connected world that guarantee further multiplication of attacks. However, cybersecurity is a sort of an umbrella term covering a lot of different productions and operations.

Here is a quick overview of various facets of cybersecurity, as laid out by CNBC.

Access Management and Identification: As the name suggests, the focus of these products and services is to secure the point of entry into a system through biometric identification, password augmentation, and the addition of new login hardware such as USB-drive security keys.

Companies: Duo, Okta, RSA Security, LogMeIn

Threat Management: Network monitoring, threat flagging and threat identification is what this department is all about. It involves processing vast amounts of data to identify potential threats and prevent them from becoming full-fledged attacks. Big data analytics and machine learnings are essential tools here.

Companies: Trustwave, AlienVault, IBM, Splunk, Tanium, LogRhythm

Risk Assessment: It pays to be prepared, so some companies offer risk asserssment services in the cybersecurity field, up to and including hack attack dry runs to spot potential weak points that need strengthening. There are also risk mitigation products on offer, as well as insurance coverage against cyberthreats.

Companies: Tenable, Rapid 7, Qualys, FireEye, Booz Allen Hamilton, Marsh & LcLennan Companies

Data Loss Management: No system is perfect so loss of data is a frequent problem associated with cyber attacks. Data loss management involves discovering the leak and plugging it before the loss becomes too big. Services here target not just external attacks but insider attempts to steal intellectual property as well.

Companies: Symantec, McAfee, Proofpoint, Checkpoint

Malware and Antivirus Protection: That’s probably the best known aspect of cybersecurity, the one everybody thinks about when they hear cybersecurity: systems preventing the entry of viruses and malware into a network by monitoring and detecting potential threats and shutting the door in their face.

Companies: Symantec, McAfee, Bitdefendere, Kaspersky Lab, Malwarebytes

Cybersecurity Architecture: As it becomes painfully clear that patchwork and a simple antivirus program won’t work in the long run, companies are increasingly turning to comprehensive solutions to their cybersecurity issues, involving multiple firewalls combined with other tools to protect their networks.

Companies: CA Technologies, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Carbon Black, Crowdstrike

Incident Response: Despite all the cybersecurity solutions available on the market, breaches still happen and they will continue to happen whatever cybersecurity experts do simply because criminals are not known for being passive about their work. So, businesses need a sort of cyberforensics teams to find out exactly why an attack happened, so the risk of future ones could be reduced.

Companies: Stroz Friedberg, Akamai, Kroll

Cisco Buys Duo Security for $2.35 Bln

Cisco has struck a deal to acquire identity and authentication services provider Duo Security in a cash transaction worth $2.35 billion. The cybersecurity major will integrate Duo’s product offering into its own platforms.

Duo’s zero-trust security platform Beyond checks and confirms the identity of device and network users and the safety of their devices before granting them access to networks and applications to prevent breaches.

According to Cisco, Duo’s products will help it enhance its own cybersecurity capabilities, and facilitate endpoint protection by enhancing visibility in this segment. It will also simplify its policy for cloud security, the buyer said.