RSA US, one of the largest cybersecurity conference in the world has concluded March 4-8, 2019 at Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, with an estimated attendance of more than 42,500, and 740 speakers across 621 sessions and more than 700 companies on the expo floors. This year’s theme is BETTER, in part, means the industry needs improved technological tools to protect the world from advanced cyber threats.

RSA CEO Rohit Ghai and Niloofar Howe, talked about “The Trust Landscape”. “In a hyperconnected world, where malicious or manipulative activity can be spread to millions in an instant, information itself is a battlefield with the power to erode trust in society’s most sacred institutions.

Axonius was named RSA’s 2019 most innovative startups by Sandbox’s judge panel . “A key trend among this year’s RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest finalists was machine-based security and automation, which emphasizes just how critical it is to develop solutions that will increase response times to outpace modern cyber-crime,” said Linda Gray Martin, Director & Chief of Operations of RSA Conference. “This is no easy feat, but one that will benefit from the collective brainpower of the entrepreneurs on stage today and the industry professionals in attendance. Axonius’ ability to demonstrate the current need for a solution to such a problem as asset managementwas truly impressive, and we look forward to witnessing the lasting impact Axonius will make on our industry.”

Tal Rabin, Manager of Cryptographic research, Tomas Watson Research Center, was awarded for Excellent in the field of Mathematics.

Questions raised by Don Lohrmann are a good step to learn RSA and what you can learn from this top-rated cybersecurity conference. Where’s the WOW?, Anything new on an important security topic? How will emerging technology featured and security tools change the world for better or worse? What will be the future outlook for the industry?

Connecting the Dots for the Future” a conversation between Diane Brady adn John T. Chamers, where Jon works with starts up from all around the world, a future innovative hubs, where the cutting edges solutions is mostly like to surface from here.