About CSA

Cyber Space Asia (CSA) is an industry event focused on providing awareness, protection, and solutions in the Cyberspace. Our mission is to develop and facilitate collaboration at a global level among companies and institutions to protect valuable assets such as data. With increased connectivity and artificial intelligence, we have come to realize that cybersecurity should be the first and foremost consideration in an organization’s system design. For the past three years, the CSA exhibition has become a flagship event in the cybersecurity, attracting 200+ major cyber-security companies and 12000 visitors from around the globe.

Date & Location

Occurring April 26-28, 2018 at the Beijing Expo Center in Beijing, China.

Hosted By

The CyberSpace Administration of Beijing
The Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau

Who Attends?

We bring VPs, Engineers, R&D and Cybersecurity Directors, Government officials and researchers from 13+ industries ranging from Cybersecurity to Healthcare.

Additional Info

Floor Map:


Want more information? Feel free to download our powerpoint presentation citing facts, figures, and descriptions of what you can expect at our event. Click on the picture above to get access to our presentation.